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check out photos of 32nd Annual Cape Verdean Parade via the lens of the Ernestina contingent

for great photos of the sailernestina community marching hard on a 92 degree day! and a bit at Tall Ships Newport

Viva Ernestina!

Thanks to: Fred and Mary Anne who arrived early to help rig the replica;
Mark Trafton who hauled the "lttle Effie" from Essex to Newport to New Bedford;
Tony Tavares who helped set up the booth at the Verdean Vets hall;
Heidi Baker for staffing the booth all day;
all volunteers who did shifts or time at the booth;

George Fonseca for the the shirt design and marketing help;

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cultural outreach for Ernestina

to discover what we do and how you can help.

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This was written to honor the work of Cape Verdean volunteers and to celebrate Her unique history as the only Tall Ship bringing Cape Verdeans from Africa as trans-Atlantic immigrants to a new life here in the United States.

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whiskey tango kilo

The following poem was written a decade after my participation as journalist/crew in the OpSail to Liberty '86.
It was inspired by a collage made by then-crew member Tommy Grace.
I tried to capture the people and the spirit which made the journey possible, along with a glimpse into the future.
Little did I know how much of that future would be a total surprise....

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