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Sail Ernestina

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The mission of this website is to have a community site where friends of Ernestina - ex Effie M. Morrissey can post news, comments, ideas and stories about the Schooner Ernestina. Look at the forum topics (click forums in the left column), start a new one, add comments - and if you would like to put out ideas and make your voice heard, CONTRIBUTE IDEAS! here or MAKE DONATIONS! & SIGN UP FOR UPDATES! LINK to Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association,Inc.


The topics will probably include the rebuild, publicity, fundraising, and other ideas about what is necessary to get her sailing and teaching again. She has been neglected for a few years. Click on "read more" on the next line for the rest of the article.

There is an interesting website about her Arctic years and her Captain at that time

We will try to keep the comments as positive as possible, keeping in mind that anyone can read it and anyone can sign in and post their ideas. It is not paid for by Ernestina donations, the funding is private so we will retain the right to edit if necessary.

Email if you have questions or comments or if you would like to sign in and write on the website. Let me know who you are and about your interest in Ernestina. Then you can sign in and receive a password so you are able to post. If you click on forums, there will be topics that help organize the discussions. I am sure the site will evolve, let's hope it helps gather the community and the ideas.
The main Ernestina website with a huge amount of information including a very inclusive history of the boat is