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Boat Dog

Effie's picture

They picked me out and took me home when I was 8 weeks old. Most of my 7 brothers and sisters had regular names like Rose and Spencer. They called me Effie M. Morrissey - but only when I was acting up. Usually they just called me Effie. I am a registered Newfoundland.

A few days later, they took me to this big old schooner and I found out a lot more about my name. It was the original name for the boat.

Effie as a puppy

It was fun to sail on, I pulled on some ropes (lines). We went fast and I could look at the birds and watch for fish. Everyone played with me.

By the time I was one, I was a great swimmer. We practiced for water rescue work. I could take a line to someone and when people were swimming, they would grab me and I would take them to shore. They tied a boat bumper to a rowboat and I grabbed it and towed the boat to shore.

Effie with her bumper

When I was two, I passed the Water Dog test for Newfoundland dogs. We didn't sail on the boat that summer because it was tied to the dock. Now that I am three, I am still swimming a lot and practicing rescue stuff. We did go sailing on the Lettie Howard. That was fun, but no one fell off, so I didn't get a chance to go swimming and get them.

We go look at the boat - but it is on land now, they are fixing it up. Maybe next summer I can be the boat dog...