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There is a celebration in Brigus in 2009, it is the 100th anniversary of Captain Bob Bartlett's trip to take Admiral Peary to the North Pole. Ernestina has been invited because she (Effie M. Morrissey) was the boat that Bartlett used for Arctic exploration for a number of years after that. They will certainly help with expenses.
Brigus Celebration

Brigus is on the North Side of Conception Bay, on the east end of Newfoundland, and is the home of Captain Bob. Ernestina stopped there every summer from around 1926 until WW II on the way back to the Arctic. There is a very interesting history of the Bartlett years on the big Ernestina Website as well as in the books "Log of Bob Bartlett" and "Sails Over Ice"

Ernestina was there about 16 years ago and had a great reception. It would be a great trip to take when Ernestina gets fixed up. I am sure it would also bring back of some memories of how Bartlett and Ernestina helped out during WW II.