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Ernestina Update Dec 09

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Ernestina Update - December 26, 2009

Dear Friends of Ernestina ,

I hope you are all enjoying your Holidays. Many of you have responded to our appeal to match the Challenge. Thank you! We have met the $5,000.00 challenge from Chuck Smiler but SEMA needs more donations to meet Bob Hildreth's challenge of $10,000. You can mail your check to:


P.O. Box 2995

New Bedford, MA 02741-2995

We now have the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts

as our fiscal sponsor. They can accept secure internet donations for us at DONATE

Soon you will be able to select the Ernestina Fund listed in the drop-down list, until then go down to "other funds" and type in "Ernestina". Then you can continue filling in your information and even make "in honor of" or memorial gifts. CFSEMA also has the ability to accept appreciated assets on our behalf. Contact them at 508-996-8253 if you are interested in that program.

· The Ernestina Commission met on December 11. Everyone was relieved to hear that Harold Burnham and others have advised DCR not to have an emergency haul-out but to put a temporary patch on the leak with the ship in the water. Harold also slowed the leak from the inside. Plans will be made to haul the ship in the spring for further assessment, maintenance and repair. This will allow time for planning and assuring the necessary materials are available. Since December 11 Harold has continued to slow the leak from the inside. A bilge alarm has been installed that will alert DCR if another significant leak develops and a metering system has been installed on the bilge pumps so that the exact amount of water pumped can be determined each day. Now the leaking can be monitored and repeated work from the inside has significantly slowed the leak. The DCR-contracted diver assessed the underwater hull on December 23 and he and Harold determined that the inside patching is sufficient and no external patch was applied.

· A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between DCR and the
Massachusetts Historical Commission was also discussed at the December 11th meeting. The MHC said "Long-term, periodic and daily, regular maintenance and scheduled rehabilitation by an adequately supported, qualified staff following a resource management plan is critical to ensure that ERNESTINA is able to continue to float, and to ultimately resume her stated mission as an educational sail training vessel" It's good to know that DCR has a partner like MHC in the Secretary of State's office.

· Commissioner Laura Pires-Hester gave a Programming Committee report Chuck Smiler filled in the details for me. I've posted that at PROGRAMMING REPORT

· The Programming Committee recognizes that volunteers will be the key to success and volunteer coordination will be complex and ongoing need. If you have interests in any of the programming areas, your help will be appreciated.

· For more updates see UPDATES

· Again, thank you for your contributions. Please forward this to any of your friends who ought be Friends of Ernestina.

2009 was an important year for our favorite schooner. Thanks to the Save America's Treasures grant and DCR the $1,000,000 rebuild of the bow was an big step in the right direction. SEMA looks forward to working with everyone to make 2010 an even better year. We all need to continue working until she sails again!

Fair Winds and Happy New Year,

Mary Anne McQuillan

Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association.

The Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association, Inc. (SEMA) is a 501c(3) not-for-profit corporation with the purpose of raising funds to provide for the maintenance, equipment, manning, programming and operation of the Schooner Ernestina ex Effie M. Morrissey as a sail training vessel, school ship, and educational enterprise.