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Dory Racers Successful

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Two of Schooner Ernestina's Lunenburg trawl dories took part in the Buzzards Bay Open Water Rowing Challenge on Saturday, June 12. The Buzzards Bay Rowing Club,, race sponsor and organizer, enthusiastically welcomed the effort to bring dories, historic working rowing boats, to the race.
Ernestina and BBRC volunteers, assisted by DCR carpenter Manny Silva, prepared and launched the dories. Guillermo Gonzalez, Bill Wurm, Laurie and SEMA director John Bullard rowed two of the Ernestina's dories from their berth, out of the harbor and to Fort Taber. The eight mile round trip served as a good sea trial. Dory #1 is tight as a drum and rows very well. Dory #2 has a leak which requires bailing every few minutes.
For the races Sean Bercaw, captain of the Amistad, with Andrew Baracha, a local teenager, rowed one dory. Don Cuddy, who has covered Ernestina for the Standard-Times, rowed single handed. Both crews finished the three-plus mile course in good spirits winning medals in their respective classes. This event highlighted Ernestina's first life as Effie M. Morrissey carrying dory longline fishermen to the Grand Banks and other fishing grounds. Dory racing is a centuries old activity and it is great that Ernestina can be part of this continuing tradition.
Thanks to the rowers and everyone who helped out. Thanks also to the Buzzards Bay Rowing Club which dedicated a portion of net proceeds of the event to Ernestina support.
Thank you Barbara Belanger, John Bullard and Chuck Smiler for this information and photos.

dories departing for race

Laurie and John Bullard & Guillermo Gonzalez and Bill Wurm

one man dory

Don Cuddy

two man dory

Sean Bercaw & Andrew Baracha