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Return to Cape Verde

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A lot of the Cape Verdean community as well as Ernestina crew would like to see Ernestina return there. The boat has quite a way to go before that could happen. It has to be fully certified by the Coast Guard for an ocean crossing, so a lot of work will have to be done. The crew will need ocean licenses, and they take longer to get than near coastal licenses, which are good up to 200 miles from shore. The other thing that needs planning is the time of year, hurricane season must be avoided.

One of the things that can be done in the meantime is returning to many of the Cape Verdean communities in this area. Fall River, Providence, Onset, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Bridgeport, and Boston are all places where Ernestina has visited be with friends and supporters.

Only about 36, counting the crew, would be able to make a Cape Verdean trip. It is possible to take 100 local Cape Verdeans a day on short trips.