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Brigus Sea Scouts

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When we were in Halifax for the Tall Ships 2000, we had a visit from some Brigus Sea Scouts. The troop name was Effie M. Borrissey. The photo isn't great, but it does have the troop name on the hats.
If you ever looked carefully at the name Ernestina on the bows, you can see that Effie M. Morrissey is still inscribed in the hull underneath. Many people think it is bad luck to change the name of a boat, so this makes them feel better.

Sea Scouts

On the trip from MA to Nova Scotia, we had some difficult sailing, there was no wind tosteady the boat, but there were some big leftover waves so she was rocking from side to side. We had some US girl scouts on board and most were sick - as well as a lot of the crew. When we finally got to Yarmouth, they felt much better and did some skits. A few of the girls on my watch imitated Mike and I and our beards.

Girl scouts

Beard removal was the most difficult.

beard removal