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The Devil to Pay

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There is an old expression about the "devil to pay"
It is related to a seam called the devil seam and there are a few seams that had that name. One is the seam between the deck and the hull and the one I have always used is the seam between the garboard and the keel. To pay means to caulk. It is one of the harder seams to caulk.

Usually, the planks are all put on before the boat is caulked. The guys at kellys decided to get some caulking in the devil seam so they could pour some concrete in the bottom of boat.

caulking the devil seam

In the meantime, Manny, the DCR guy that works mostly on Ernestina, has been fixing up the rudder. It is ready to go back on the boat.

Ernestina rudder

In a few weeks, we might investigate the meaning of the term "whiskey plank".