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Fishing from a Dory

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Fishing from a Dory
Explore the fishing history of the Ernestina with this hands-on activity!
June 3rd 10 – 11 AM
June 23th 9 – 10 AM
June 28th 9-10AM
When the Schooner Ernestina, then called the Effie M. Morrissey, was first built and used as a Grand Banks fishing vessel, she was called a “high liner”. A high liner is a ship which has the biggest catch. In the Ernestina’s case on her first voyage alone she brought home 250,000 pounds of fish!
During our Fishing from a Dory activity you will learn how the men on the Ernestina (ex Effie M. Morriessey) fished. With our genuine fishing dory from the Schooner, a long line and fish replicas, you can experience what it took to be a “high liner”.