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Gloucester Heritage Day

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Thank you to Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center for hosting us during the 2010 Schooner Festival. And a special THANK YOU to the volunteers who helped tell Ernestina/Effie M Morrissey's story to the visitors Saturday. Julius Britto made digital video recordings of suggestions for Ernestina's future. Lorraine Louanis brought maps of Bob Bartlett's voyages. As you can see we had a great day!

Jim, Paula, Julius

Jim Verni, Paula Sydlowski Julius Britto

Paula and Bill

Paula and Bill Sydlowski

Stephen, Fred, Leon, Julius

Stephen, Julius

Stephen Gaun, Julius Britto

Leon, Fred, Effie

Leon Poindexter and Fred Sterner with the Newfoundland dog Effie M. Morrissey

Fred said we couldn't bring Ernestina to Gloucester so we brought Effie M. Morrissey